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Apply for AOBTA® Non-Professional Membership


Applications for the AOBTA® Non-Professional Levels of Membership


AOBTA® offers a variety of non-professional membership levels to meet everyone's needs!

If you have any questions about membership levels, applications, or the application process, please contact the Member Helpdesk.

Non-Professional Membership Levels

  • Student membership in the AOBTA® is awarded to those who are pursuing a course of study in either a school or program that teaches a Form of Asian Bodywork Therapy or Oriental Medicine.
  • Student membership is a non-voting, non-professional level of membership. 

Annual Dues:  The first year of membership is free.  Student membership is renewable annually at $25 per year. 

Student Member Application
  • Allied Membership in AOBTA® is awarded to applicants who are health care professionals (bodyworkers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, chiropractors, martial artists, medical professionals, nurses, mental health professionals, physical therapists, etc.) that have successfully completed at least 30 hours of Asian Bodywork Therapy education. 
  • Allied Membership is available to those healthcare professionals who are incorporating their 30+ hours of training in the principles and/or techniqes of Asian Bodywork Therapy or Oriental Medicine into their professional pracitices.  
  • Allied membership is a non-professional membership level - Allied Members cannot present themselves as professional Asian Bodywork Therapists.
  • AOBTA® provided professional liability insurance is not available to Allied Members.
  • Allied Members are non-voting, non-professional members of the organization.

Annual Dues: $50.00

Allied Member Application (online form)  |  Allied Member Application (printable pdf)  | 30 Hour Transcript Form
  • Associate membership in AOBTA® is awarded to those applicants that have successfully completed the training outlined in the AOBTA® 150 Hour Curriculum.  
  • An Associate member is considered a non-professional, voting member of the organization.

Annual Dues:  $75.00

Associate Member Application | AOBTA 150 Hour Curriculum | 150 Hour Transcript Form
  • Retired membership in AOBTA® is an option for any professional level member (Certified Practitioner, Registered Instructor, or Certified Instructor) who is no longer in active practice. 
  • Retired membership is a voting, non-professional level of membership. 
  • Retired members may restore their professional level of membership at any time.

Annual Dues: $25.00

Retired Member Application
  • Supporting membership in the AOBTA® is awarded to those who wish to graciously support the AOBTA organization and the Asian Bodywork Therapy profession. 
  • Supporting membership is a non-voting, non-professional level of membership. 
  • Membership is renewable annually. 

Annual Dues:  A variety of supporting categories to choose from!  Details in the Application.

Supporting Member Application (printable pdf)  | Supporting Member Application (online form)