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Opportunities for Acupuncture, Massage, & Bodywork Schools

Create an Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) program in your school!

Upgrade your current ABT program to fully meet profession standards!

Find out how to adapt your current acupuncture, massage, or bodywork program so that you can market to potential students that you will fully train them in 2 professions!

 Acupuncture Schools

  • Work with AOBTA to adjust your shiatsu/tuina/medical Qigong/etc. program so that it meets the ABT professional standards.  
  • Arrange your curriculum so that your students can begin practicing as ABT professionals while finishing their acupuncture training.
  • It's often acknowledged that ABT therapists make better acupuncturists!
  • Give your students the gift of a second profession that complements and deepens their acupuncture practice!

Massage and Bodywork Schools

  • In most cases, a full ABT program can be added to your Massage Therapy or bodywork program by simply adding 330 hours to your curriculum.
  • Add the ABT curriculum to your basic program and give your students the gift of 2 professions - or add an ABT program as a continuing education or advanced professional program.
  • Your students will love the depth and effectiveness of the Oriental Medical Theory that is part of the ABT professional training!
  • Think of the marketing opportunities!

To explore the possibility of creating an Asian Bodywork Therapy program in your school or upgrading your current program to meet the ABT professional standards, please contact the Director of Education at [email protected]!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the AOBTA Council of Schools and Programs (COSP), please contact the Director of COSP at [email protected]!  

Students at COSP schools are fast-tracked into AOBTA Professional Membership!