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AOBTA 500 Hour Curriculum Overview


The Entry-Level Education Requirement for the ABT Profession


AOBTA® has been setting the standards for the professional practice of the Asian Bodywork Therapies for over 20 years.  The professional entry level requirements are a minimum of 500 hours as presented in the AOBTA 500 Hour Curriculum (see below for a basic overview).  

AOBTA® provides assessment-based professional certification for membership candidates who have completed the 500 Hour Curriculum.

  •  Candidates that attend an AOBTA® approved school or program (Council of Schools and Programs), are able to be fast-tracked into Certified Practitioner membership because their training has been pre-approved.
  • Candidates that did not attend an AOBTA® approved school or program will be presented to the Peer Review Committee for assessment of their training in order to determine if they have met professional standards.

AOBTA® Registered and Certified Instructors must first be Certified Practitioners.  A Peer Review Assessment process is necessary for approval as a Registered or Certified Instructor.

The AOBTA 500 Hour Curriculum Overview

Summary Description
160 Hours Asian Bodywork Technique and Practice
100 Hours Traditional Chinese Medical Theory
70 Hours Observed Clinical Practice
100 Hours Western Anatomy & Physiology
70 Hours Other: Must include first aid, CPR, business, legal & ethics courses.  May include Tai Chi, Qigong, massage, etc.)
500 Hours Total Curriculum (minimum)
  More detailed description in the AOBTA 500 Hour Curriculum