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AOBTA® National Board of Directors


2017/2018 Term

* Denotes the executive committee


Lauren Paap

Lauren Paap  |  Cambridge, MA

[email protected]  |  617.435.3586

(Term ends 7/1/19)


 *Vice President


Andrea Sullivan  |  St. Paul, MN

 [email protected]  |  651.230.1629

 (Term ends 7/1/18)



Deborah Valentine Smith

Deborah Valentine Smith  |  New Paltz, NY

[email protected]  |  845.419.5108

(Term ends 7/1/18)

 *Director of Membership

Gail Kellstrom

Gail Kellstrom  |  Southbury, CT

[email protected]  |  914.232.5754

(Term ends 71/18)

 *Director of Education

Cindy Banker

Cindy Banker  |  Brookline, MA

[email protected]bta.org  | 617-734-7991


(Term ends 7/1/19)

 Director of Communications

Matthew Sweigart

Matthew Sweigart  | Nevada City, CA

[email protected] | 530.870.3482


(Term ends 7/1/18)


Sheryl HuskeSheryl Huske | Minocqua, WI 

[email protected] | 715.499.2621

(Term ends 7/1/19)


Director of COSP

Cari Johnson Pelava

Cari Johnson Pelava | Minneapolis, MN

[email protected] | 952.562.5200

(Term ends 7/1/18)


 Director of Events  |  Position currently open

 Legislative Director  |  Position currently open

 Director of Member Services  |  Position currently open

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